Marcus A. O’Dell


I am a Public Servant, Web Designer, and Media Strategist.



Birmingham, Alabama


Current Position

Engagement Manager and Media Strategist

Office of Birmingham City Council President Valerie Abbott

Birmingham City Council District 3


Consulting Services

Web Design, Digital Strategy, Governmental Relations, Marketing, Public Relations, Political Campaigns.

I am passionate about innovation and working on the cutting-edge. I am interested in international relations, diplomacy, blockchain tech, and problem-solving.

A stoic by nature, I have collaborated with political candidates, musicians, and nonprofit groups, focusing on the ways that my skills can make a difference and impact my environment.

Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, I am proud to serve the Birmingham City Council and Council President Valerie Abbott. Day-by-day, I handle analysis, community engagement, and digital strategy. On top of that, I oversee my own web initiative, building and deploying a new website for Birmingham Council District 3, replacing the out-of-date website that was previously in use and that wasn’t meeting residents’ needs effectively.

I am a self-taught web designer, and I run a freelance business for web design, public relations, digital media strategy, and political campaign management.


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